Episode 19: The Brain Trust Caregiver Mini-Series: #1 Katrina

In today’s episode host Raj Shah, MD is joined by social worker Susan Frick to have a conversation with caregiver Katrina about her experience with the diagnosis and management of her husband's dementia. This is the first episode in The Brain Trust Caregiver Perspective Mini-Series.

February 9, 2024|

Episode 17: Advancing Dementia Detection with Community Health Workers

Connecting Primary Care Practices with Community Health Workers: Advancing Early Detection and Diagnosis of ADRD. Join hosts Raj Shah, MD and Eukesh Ranjit, MD as they chat with Tracey Smith, Director of Community Health at the Illinois Public Health Association, and Angelia Gower, the first VP of the NAACP in Madison, Illinois to discuss the nature of community health workers, their importance in communities with limited resources, and the importance of connecting with primary care physicians.

December 5, 2023|

Episode 16: Dare To Care about Early Detection ADRD

Raj Shah, MD and Eukesh Ranjit, MD host a special episode with Elaine T. Jurkowski, PH.D, M.S.W. and the Dare To Care radio show connecting social workers, community members and primary care physicians on the importance of efforts being made across the state in the early detection and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias

November 13, 2023|

Episode 14: Caregiver Support in ADRD Early Detection

Raj Shah, MD talks with Mark Drexler, MD, FAAFP, lead physician for the Comprehensive Care Center at NorthShore University and Gene Kuhn of the Alzheimer's Association about leveraging caregiver support in early detection of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

September 11, 2023|

Episode 12: Early Detection in Latino Communities

Raj Shah, MD speaks with guest Evelyn Figueroa, MD, Professor of Clinical Family and Community Medicine , Director of Community Engagement of Department of Family & Community Medicine at UIC College of Medicine, to discuss early detection of dementia in Latino communities.

July 17, 2023|
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