Episode 22: The Brain Trust Caregiver Mini-Series: #4 Leslie

Episode Description

In today’s episode host Raj Shah, MD is joined by Susan Frick, MSW, LSW, Social Worker, Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center, to talk with caregiver Leslie about her husband Phil’s diagnosis.  In our heartfelt discussion with Leslie, Dr. Raj Shah and social worker Susan Frick, traverse the intricate realities of early signs of Alzheimer’s. She sheds light on the initial denial, the pivotal moments that necessitated medical advice, and a cognitive test that confirmed the issues Phil was experiencing. This episode not only resonates with the experiences of countless families worldwide, but it also emphasizes the importance of support systems for caregivers and the urgent need for more empathetic healthcare support. Join us as we share Leslie’s story, a testament to the resilience of those who care for loved ones with dementia, and an eye-opening look at the critical importance of early detection and understanding. This is the fourth episode in The Brain Trust Caregiver Miniseries which addresses issues faced by caregivers dealing with the cognitive decline of their loved ones.

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify one challenge caregivers experience in seeking a primary care evaluation.
2. Describe one desire from care partners regarding improving early diagnosis and detection.

Host: Raj Shah, MD. Professor, Family & Preventive Medicine and the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center at Rush University
Susan Frick, MSW, LSW, Social Worker, Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center, and Leslie, Caregiver


TBT Ep 22 Transcript

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