Episode 9: Community Service Agencies in Rural Areas

Episode Description

In today’s episode Eukesh Ranjit, MD speaks with guests Sharon Smaga, MD, Heather Knutt, and Becky Salazar to discuss the roles community service agencies can play in assisting physicians in rural areas with early detection.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe benefits of healthcare providers connecting with community service workers around early detection for prompt and accurate diagnosis of dementia
  • Describe the practical importance of community resources for early detection
  • Identify resources physicians can utilize for improved early detection in their everyday practice.

Host: Eukesh Ranjit, MD Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and Director, Division of Geriatric Medicine at SIU Center for Family Medicine in Springfield, IL
Guests: Sharon Smaga, MD of SIU Family Medicine Carbondale, Heather Knutt of Shawnee’s Savvy Caregiver and Family Caregiver Program, and Becky Salazar with the Egyptian Area Agency on Aging.